Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The silver bullet

There are many people denouncing Zionism and claiming that it is the root of the plans for a “New World order”.

This is folly.

Zionism, along with Communism are both separate strategies to bring about the same goal, which is Talmudic in origin.

That goal calls for “Israel to be restored to it’s “biblical” borders, and for any nation that does not willingly subvert itself to Judaic authority to be “utterly destroyed”.

The knowledge about these issues can be found in the books and clips linked at the end of this article.

What strikes me as strange, is that among the multitudes of people who claim to want to “fight Zionism” (which as I have pointed out is folly at best and outright deceptive at worst) none of them want to touch the “silver bullet” that would implicate organised World Jewry in the 911 hoax and the War of terror, based around terror that was manufactured specifically to justify that war, and the World government that will result from it.

The fact that the Jewish owned and controlled US media presented fake video that had been prepared in advance, along with pre-prepared false witnesses standing by to give interviews, all aided by the US government that has been overrun with Jewish influence IS that silver bullet.

The area of discussion around the falsity of the plane crashes has now been overrun with saboteurs who intended from the beginning to make the subject so distasteful as to become taboo. Nico Haupt is the prime example. While these agents say plenty about the media involvement in 911, they stay quiet about the Jewish aspects and attack anybody who mentions them.

So here is the problem. that many researchers bemoan “Zionism” (AKA Judaism), yet none of them will touch the silver bullet, maybe because it is being "worshipped" (= sabotaged) by the very people that they perceive to be the enemy. But are they all so blind as not to be able to see the obvious TV fakery?

Or are they just playing games with us?


Jewish History- Israel Shahak

An excellent critique of the Jewish religion, written by a Jew living in Israel. It will prepare your mind for the shocks to come.

The Controversy of Zion- DOUGLAS REED

Introducing the Talmud

The Longest Hatred - An Examination of Anti-Gentilism

White - Who Brought the Slaves to America (suppressed role of Jews in black slavery) (1968)

The History of the House of Rothschild

How the economic control of the World was secured


The Soviet Holocaust

Communism and Zionism are both NWO strategies

Jewish control of America is like Bolshevik Russia

The Jewish Religion Its Influence Today- Elizabeth Dilling (1964)

A complete expose of the application of Judaism throughout history, and it's effect now.

Jewish persecution- Jackie Patru

A must-read.

Britain's Zionist prime minister Gordon Brown.

Dr. David Duke - Jewish Supremacism

Probably the most in-depth and most-read book on the "Jewish question".

You will find some audio excerpts from the book here:

Dr. David Duke's website

The final solution to Adolf Hitler (audio)- Jim Condit.

What really happened in WW2 Germany?

Haijan Bjerknes on the Armenian genocide (Audio, part 1)

Haijan Bjerknes on the Armenian genocide (Audio, part 2)

Did six million really die- Ernst Zundel

Zundel was locked up for writing this. If you search for it on the net you will find a fraudulent copy of it that has been altered to remove, change or distort anything of import.

Most Jews today are descendents from a European Nation and have no lineage to the ancient Judeans:

The Thirteenth Tribe- Arthur Koestler

Encyclopaedic references to khazars

The Greatest Hoax- The Unified Conspiracy Theory

The answer in a nutshell.

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