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The silver bullet

There are many people denouncing Zionism and claiming that it is the root of the plans for a “New World order”.

This is folly.

Zionism, along with Communism are both separate strategies to bring about the same goal, which is Talmudic in origin.

That goal calls for “Israel to be restored to it’s “biblical” borders, and for any nation that does not willingly subvert itself to Judaic authority to be “utterly destroyed”.

The knowledge about these issues can be found in the books and clips linked at the end of this article.

What strikes me as strange, is that among the multitudes of people who claim to want to “fight Zionism” (which as I have pointed out is folly at best and outright deceptive at worst) none of them want to touch the “silver bullet” that would implicate organised World Jewry in the 911 hoax and the War of terror, based around terror that was manufactured specifically to justify that war, and the World government that will result from it.

The fact that the Jewish owned and controlled US media presented fake video that had been prepared in advance, along with pre-prepared false witnesses standing by to give interviews, all aided by the US government that has been overrun with Jewish influence IS that silver bullet.

The area of discussion around the falsity of the plane crashes has now been overrun with saboteurs who intended from the beginning to make the subject so distasteful as to become taboo. Nico Haupt is the prime example. While these agents say plenty about the media involvement in 911, they stay quiet about the Jewish aspects and attack anybody who mentions them.

So here is the problem. that many researchers bemoan “Zionism” (AKA Judaism), yet none of them will touch the silver bullet, maybe because it is being "worshipped" (= sabotaged) by the very people that they perceive to be the enemy. But are they all so blind as not to be able to see the obvious TV fakery?

Or are they just playing games with us?


Jewish History- Israel Shahak

An excellent critique of the Jewish religion, written by a Jew living in Israel. It will prepare your mind for the shocks to come.

The Controversy of Zion- DOUGLAS REED

Introducing the Talmud

The Longest Hatred - An Examination of Anti-Gentilism

White - Who Brought the Slaves to America (suppressed role of Jews in black slavery) (1968)

The History of the House of Rothschild

How the economic control of the World was secured


The Soviet Holocaust

Communism and Zionism are both NWO strategies

Jewish control of America is like Bolshevik Russia

The Jewish Religion Its Influence Today- Elizabeth Dilling (1964)

A complete expose of the application of Judaism throughout history, and it's effect now.

Jewish persecution- Jackie Patru

A must-read.

Britain's Zionist prime minister Gordon Brown.

Dr. David Duke - Jewish Supremacism

Probably the most in-depth and most-read book on the "Jewish question".

You will find some audio excerpts from the book here:

Dr. David Duke's website

The final solution to Adolf Hitler (audio)- Jim Condit.

What really happened in WW2 Germany?

Haijan Bjerknes on the Armenian genocide (Audio, part 1)

Haijan Bjerknes on the Armenian genocide (Audio, part 2)

Did six million really die- Ernst Zundel

Zundel was locked up for writing this. If you search for it on the net you will find a fraudulent copy of it that has been altered to remove, change or distort anything of import.

Most Jews today are descendents from a European Nation and have no lineage to the ancient Judeans:

The Thirteenth Tribe- Arthur Koestler

Encyclopaedic references to khazars

The Greatest Hoax- The Unified Conspiracy Theory

The answer in a nutshell.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The World conspiracy solved

Zionism always gets the blame doesn't it?
Zionism is the movement to set up a Jewish state in Israel. That has been accomplished.
But underlying that is the Overall plan for World domination, which was started by Joseph:

"And Joseph gathered up all the money that was found in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, for the corn which they bought: and Joseph brought the money into Pharaoh's house.
"And when money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and said, Give us bread: for why should we die in your presence? for the money faileth.
"And Joseph said, Give your cattle; and I will give you [grain] for your cattle, if money fail.
"And they brought their cattle unto Joseph: and Joseph gave them bread in exchange for horses, and for the flocks, and for the cattle of the herds, and for the asses: and he fed them with bread for all their cattle for that year.
"When that year was ended, they came unto him that second year, and said unto him, We will not hide it from my lord, how that our money is spent; my lord also hath our herds of cattle; there is not ought left in the sight of my lord, but our bodies, and our lands:
"Wherefore we shall die before thine eyes, both we and our land? buy us and our land for bread, and we and our land will be servants unto Pharaoh: and give us seed, that we may live, and not die, that the land be not desolate.
"And Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh; for the Egyptians sold every man his field, because the famine prevailed over them; so the land became Pharaoh's.
"And as for the people, he removed them to the cities from one end of the borders of Egypt even to the other end thereof.
Genesis 47, 14-21
King James Version

Moses created "the Hebrew nation" as a vehicle for the plan for World domination.

Here is a passage from "The unified conspiracy theory":
And who was this other character – Aaron – Moses' companion and high-priest? Tradition says that Aaron was Moses' brother, therefore a Levite. But what Hebrew, other than Moses, could possibly have been initiated into the Egyptian priesthood? The answer is none, because the Hebrew nation did not yet exist. It was Moses who initiated Aaron into the Mysteries, and together they created the Hebrew nation. The "Covenant" is their handiwork. Their successors are He-Khabbalot Yahudim.
The Jews are merely instruments in the hands of He-Khabbalot; the Jews are the handiwork and also the carriers of the cabal. Consider what the scriptures have to say about this:
They shall inherit the land for ever;
The branch of My planting, the work of My hands,
Wherein I glory.
The smallest shall become a thousand,
And the least a mighty nation;
I the Lord will hasten it in its time.
Isaiah 60:21-22
According to the Masoretic Text
Interestingly, the Masonic Lodge teaches much the same thing: that the secret knowledge of Hiram Abiff was far older than even the Hebrews; that it reaches back before the time of Egypt of the pharaohs to Sumeria, in the most distant past, and the Chaldean Magi.
Joseph was no mere shepherd boy; he could never have become Pharaoh's counselor had he not been an initiate of the Mysteries. Various Jewish researchers have even suggested that the Levites (which include Moses by birth) were not necessarily of the seed of Abraham, that they had merely taken the name Levi during the Exodus.
It is argued that the "Hebrews" of the Exodus were really a polyglot mix of peoples, remnants of the Hyksos and various hangers-on. It is suggested that the actual seed of Abraham had long since amalgamated — and what of his daughters, or had he none? With whom did his grandsons-and-daughters intermarry? Who was there to record and safeguard the genealogy? Only a priesthood could manage such matters, and even then for only a few — the initiates, of course.
Clearly, by the time of the Exodus only the myth — and perhaps a secret priesthood — remained, to be used by Moses and Aaron in creating this New Race, the "Children of Israel".

So basically the whole of the "Jewish nation" was created to be used as pawns in a game to control the World, by the elite hidden within them. (I would suggest that this knowledge, the art of Human husbandry was passed down from our original "creators". Humans are more like domesticated animals than anything else, and that includes ALL Humans, but that is another story). And they were given beliefs that would make them willing pawns, and throughout history the "Jews" have been mercilessly controlled by their power elite so that they would not break with this tradition. An analysis of this can be found in Israel Shahak's "Jewish history, Jewish religion:

It matters not that we have been told lies about the "holocaust".
Even if we are to accept completely the official story of the holocaust, it pails into insignificance when the genocides in Russia, Poland and other places are considered, not to mention the World Wars that could never have happened without finance from the "bankers".
A thorough analysis of what happened in Germany can be found here:

The following verses are today inscribed on the "Isaiah Wall", outside of the United Nations Building in New York City:
And it shall come to pass in the end of days,
That the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established as the top of the mountains,
And it shall be exalted above the hills;
And all nations shall flow into it.
And many peoples shall go and say:
"Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
To the house of the God of Jacob;
And He will teach us of His ways,
And we will walk in His paths."
For out of Zion shall go forth the law,
And the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.
And He shall judge between the nations,
And shall decide for many peoples;

"The unified conspiracy theory" can be read here:

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For a long time Der Stürmer has endeavoured to find the actual law of ritual murder, the law of human sacrifice. It finally succeeded in doing so. In a trial in which Julius Streicher and Karl Holz were being tried (because of: "offending the Jewish Religious Society") it was proposed that they call as a witness Dr. Erich Bischoff. Dr. Bischoff appeared. He is the leading German expert on the laws of the Talmud. He has dedicated his entire life to the study of the Jewish law books. Dr. Bischoff brought with him a translation of a secret Jewish law, which clarified with one stroke the question of ritual murder. It comes from the book of Zohar. this book is considered to be holy by the Jews. The eastern Jews especially conform to its laws. In the book of Zohar (a companion of the Talmud) it is written:



Dr Erich Bischoff declared himself ready to offer an opinion on this expressed law of ritual murder. However he was rejected. The court, "for fear of bias," did not admit him.

The Catholic priest Dr. Gottsberger took his place. The defendants handed him the abovementioned law in Hebrew and German. Dr. Gottsberger was embarrassed and confused.

After a long consideration he stated that he would not be able to deliver an opinion on the law of human sacrifice. Due to this Julius Streicher and Karl Holz were sentenced to several months imprisonment. Later on, however, Dr. Bischoff (in the trial of 30th Oct. - 4th Nov. 1931) established the correct translation of this law.

This translation and publication of the law of human sacrifice is the greatest blow ever struck the Jews in this controversy:






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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Coffinman's complete files via bit torrent

Right click and "save as" to download the torrent.

When you open it in Azureus you will be able to select individual files to download:

The Rabbit Hole complete 080302 part 1

Part 1 16.08GB.

Player software
The deprogramming complex:
Root files (excluding Coffinman's outlook)
A.j. Bruno - One Heart Books (From the Bunker - August 11 and 18, 2007)
Animal rendering
Beyond treason
Concentration camps
Covert operations
David Icke
Dire Wolf
Fraudulent moonlandings
Global warming
Human origins
International coercion
Media bias

The Rabbit Hole complete 080302 part 2

Part 2 27 GB

Paul McCartney
Population reduction
The holocaust
The Horizon project
The plan for world domination

The Rabbit Hole complete 080302 part 3

Part 3 15.4GB
Voice stress analysis software
War of terror
Wilhelm Reich
Coffinmans outlook revised 080302

The Rabbit Hole complete 080302 part 4

Part 4 6.88GB

You will need a bit torrent client to download the files.

You can download Azureus by right clicking and "save as":


Install Azureus, start it, and drag the torrents in to download the files.

When the torrent first opens you can choose which files you wish to download.

They will take some time to download.

The complete Rabbit Hole occupies around 66 GB, and the Deprogramming complex alone is 58.4GB.

HHQ, gatekeeper for Judaism at information underground


Fighting super-criminals- Exposing their crimes

I recently tried to start a discussion on how traditional Judaism relates to the plans for the New World Order at the Information underground forum.

All of the posts involved are contained in the file “Coffinman walks from The information underground.doc”.

What happened was that HHQ stormed in as gatekeeper and slammed the gates shut on the discussion.

I was accused of persistent and aggravated nature of your pursuance of your personal and divisive agenda.” and “promoting and instigating dissension through deliberate manipulation of facts.”

These are serious allegations which I will address here.

My only actions after the “first and last warning” from HHQ was to answer him and post the warning and answer in the relevant threads so that folks on the forum knew what had happened.

The next thing I knew I had been banned and could not access the board any more.

Here is my reply to HHQ, which he banned me for:

I disagree with your judgement.
You accuse me of:


deliberate manipulation of facts

.....which is actually the antithesis of what I stand for.
It is apparent from my last post that I was basically refusing to deepen the discussion here, but giving reasons, as another member had raised a subject.
I had thought it was clear that I had accepted your moderator's decision.
However you need not worry about me any more, I will not post here again, other than to post my warning and reply (in the 3 relevant threads) so that others are aware of why I have stopped posting.

It seems that not only had I raised a subject that HHQ did not want to be discussed, but also that he did not want any attention drawn to that fact.

So I was accused firstly of persistent and aggravated nature of your pursuance of your personal and divisive agenda.”.

And secondly of “promoting and instigating dissension through deliberate manipulation of facts.”

Well people who are fighting against gatekeepers have to have persistence otherwise they will just be made to shut up. As to the “aggravated nature” of that persistence I fail to see how HHQ felt it was “aggravated”. I was making my points clearly, respectfully and without malice. I did not purport to know the answers to the questions that I was raising, I was saying that this was a subject that needed to be discussed. It seems that arguing for the discussion of possibly the most important issue in the World, to Jews and Goy alike was seen by HHQ as a hostile act. He also felt that such a pursuance was personal rather than objective.

Yes it is a fact that not all people who could be defined as “Jewish” are a part of a dastardly World plot.

But it is also a fact that many of them are.

In fact, such is the secrecy within Judaism that it is only due to those “Jews” who oppose the totalitarianism of Judaism that we know much of what we do.

The publication “Book - Jewish History by Israel Shahak 1994.pdf”, contained in the torrent folder is an excellent example.

In the book, the author states:

Without a discussion of the prevalent Jewish attitudes to non-Jews, even

the concept of Israel as 'a Jewish state', as Israel formally defines itself,

cannot be understood. The widespread misconception that Israel, even

without considering its regime in the Occupied Territories, is a true democracy

arises from the refusal to confront the significance of the term 'a Jewish state'

for non-Jews. In my view, Israel as a Jewish state constitutes a danger not

only to itself and its inhabitants, but to all Jews and to all other peoples and

states in the Middle East and beyond. I also consider that other Middle

Eastern states or entities which define themselves as 'Arab' or 'Muslim', like

the Israeli self-definition as being 'Jewish', likewise constitute a danger.

However, while this danger is widely discussed, the danger inherent in the

Jewish character of the State of Israel is not……..

The influence on 'Jewish ideology' on many Jews will be stronger the more

it is hidden from public discussion. Such discussion will, it is hoped, lead

people take the same attitude towards Jewish chauvinism and the contempt

displayed by so many Jews towards non-Jews (which will be documented

below) as that commonly taken towards antisemitism and all other forms of

xenophobia, chauvinism and racism. It is justly assumed that only the full

exposition, not only of antisemitism, but also of its historical roots, can be the

basis of struggle against it. Likewise I am assuming that only the full

exposition of Jewish chauvinism and religious fanaticism can be the basis of

struggle against those phenomena. This is especially true today when,

contrary to the situation prevailing fifty or sixty years ago, the political

influence of Jewish chauvinism and religious fanaticism is much greater than

that of antisemitism. But there is also another important consideration. I

strongly believe that antisemitism and Jewish chauvinism can only be fought


HHQ opposed this outlook entirely. He described it as a “divisive agenda”.

I will agree with the term divisive agenda because if there are enemies of truth hidden within the truth movement, and they are exposed, then they are cut away from us, like rotten wood is cut away. This practice was once described as “driving wedges”, which I was accused of when exposing Judy Wood as a fraud. My reply was that “Where irreconcilable differences exist, then wedges must be driven”.

It seems that for HHQ, political unity is more important than truth.

As for “promoting and instigating dissension through deliberate manipulation of facts.”, Isn’t “promoting and instigating dissension” against corrupt leadership what the struggle for freedom and democracy is supposedly about?

But the worst smear that HHQ laid on me was to accuse me of “deliberate manipulation of facts.”

I will state that that was an outright lie and smear from HHQ.

Perhaps if there are idiots that will read his pronouncements without looking at the subject matter themselves they might believe him.

HHQ will be totally unable to demonstrate where I exercised “deliberate manipulation of facts.” He used an outright lie to smear me and justify banning me from the forum.

The fact that he banned me shows that he did not want to have to answer further, even though I had told him that I would not be posting to the board any more.

HHQ is not only a gatekeeper, but a coward, afraid of having to answer simple logic on this most important of all issues.

If I were simply wrong, and he had the right analysis, then he would have used the thread to demonstrate that and thereby educate those that read the thread.

So what is it that HHQ is gatekeeping for?

Well HHQ presents as an arch “anti-Zionist” and claims that his fight is against a small group of criminals, called “Zionists” that control the World economy and have created Israel. Outside of this criminal group, the rest of World Jewry is an abused population that is used by the “Zionists” to achieve their goals.

Well there is another outlook to consider.

It has become apparent to me that those who call themselves “anti-Zionists” for the most part allege that Zionism is the result of a collaboration by a “group of criminals” and does not actually reflect on Judaism. They then refuse to discuss “The Jewish question” and label those that do as “divisive” or “anti-Semetic”. Well that is not the case. There is manipulation afoot and those who spend time and energy researching it would at some point like to arrive at an understanding of what is going on.

These “anti-Zionists” also remove the important identity of Israel as a JEWISH STATE by constantly referring to it as a ZIONIST STATE.


Zionism wishes to create Israel as a Jewish state, and Israel IS that JEWISH STATE.

I will give you another excerpt from Jewish History by Israel Shahak, which I urge everybody to read:

The principle of Israel as 'a Jewish state' was supremely important to Israeli

politicians from the inception of the state and was inculcated into the Jewish

population by all conceivable ways. When, in the early 1980s, a tiny minority

of Israeli Jews emerged which opposed this concept, a Constitutional Law

(that is, a law overriding provisions of other laws, which cannot be revoked

except by a special procedure) was passed in 1985 by an enormous majority

of the Knesset.

By this law no party whose program openly opposes the principle of 'a

Jewish state' or proposes to change it by democratic means, is allowed to

participate in the elections to the Knesset. I myself strongly oppose this

constitutional principle. The legal consequence for me is that I cannot belong,

in the state of which I am a citizen, to a party having principles with which I

would agree and which is allowed to participate in Knesset elections. Even

this example shows that the State of Israel is not a democracy due to the

application of a Jewish ideology directed against all non-Jews and those Jews

who oppose this ideology. But the danger which this dominant ideology

represents is not limited to domestic affairs. It also influences Israeli foreign

policies. This danger will continue to grow, as long as two currently operating

developments are being strengthened: the increase in the Jewish character of

Israel and the increase in its power, particularly in nuclear power. Another

ominous factor is that Israeli influence in the USA political establishment is

also increasing. Hence accurate information about Judaism, and especially

about the treatment of non-Jews by Israel, is now not only important, but

politically vital as well.

Let me begin with the official Israeli definition of the term 'Jewish', illustrating

the crucial difference between Israel as 'a Jewish state' and the majority of

other states. By this official definition, Israel 'belongs' to persons who are

defined by the Israeli authorities as 'Jewish', irrespective of where they live,

and to them alone. On the other hand, Israel doesn't officially 'belong' to its

non-Jewish citizens, whose status is considered even officially as inferior.

This means in practice that if members of a Peruvian tribe are converted to

Judaism, and thus regarded as Jewish, they are entitled at once to become

Israeli citizens and benefit from the approximately 70 per cent of the West

Bank land (and the 92 per cent of the area of Israel proper), officially

designated only for the benefit of Jews. All non-Jews ( not only all

Palestinians) are prohibited from benefiting from those lands. (The prohibition

applies even to Israeli Arabs who served in the Israeli army and reached a

high rank.) The case involving Peruvian converts to Judaism actually occurred

a few years ago. The newly-created Jews were settled in the West Bank, near

Nablus, on land from which non-Jews are officially excluded. All Israeli

governments are taking enormous political risks, including the risk of war, so

that such settlements, composed exclusively of persons who are defined as

'Jewish' (and not 'Israeli' as most of the media mendaciously claims) would be

subject to only 'Jewish' authority.

I suspect that the Jews of the USA or of Britain would regard it as

antisemitic if Christians would propose that the USA or the United Kingdom

should become a 'Christian state', belonging only to citizens officially defined

as 'Christians'. The consequence of such doctrine is that Jews converting to

Christianity would become full citizens because of their conversion. It should

be recalled that the benefits of conversions are well known to Jews from their

own history. When the Christian and the Islamic states used to discriminate

against all persons not belonging to the religion of the state, including the

Jews, the discrimination against Jews was at once removed by their

conversion. But a non-Jew discriminated against by the State of Israel will

cease to be so treated the moment he or she converts to Judaism. This simply

shows that the same kind of exclusivity that is regarded by a majority of the

diaspora Jews as antisemitic is regarded by the majority of all Jews as

Jewish. To oppose both antisemitism and Jewish chauvinism is widely

regarded among Jews as a 'self-hatred', a concept which I regard as


So to separate the issues of Zionism and Judaism is wrong.

Zionism has created a Jewish state.

That has been it’s material role.

Now a brief note here:

There are those that will say that the whole of Judaism was invented by an elite caste in the very beginning, and has been used by them to achieve their goals, which are to end in World domination, and that the ordinary Jews are merely pawns in the game. Well perhaps that may be, but it is an entirely separate issue from that of the beliefs of Judaism itself. If the goals of Judaism are malevolent towards all non-Jews in the World, then those that embrace those beliefs that demand those goals are necessarily malevolent towards all other people.

So which Jews are benign, and which ones are malevolent?

Contained in the torrent is a video file called “Mosiach the creed.flv”. The original poster of that video attached the following note:

Moshiach - The Creed.

"I believe with perfect faith in the coming of the moshiach, and though he may

tarry, still I await him every day." - Principle 12 of Rambam's Thirteen Principles of Faith.

The main track of this DVD NTSC (other tracks are present) is a fascinating

presentation by ordained Rabbi Mordechai, who kindly shares with us the

understandings and goals of what appears to be : Rabbinic Judaism.

At the end of each session, Rabbi Mordechai tells us to "pray in unison for the coming of MOSHIACH, the real jewish messiah".

Moschiach, the long awaited Jewish messiah, is described by as follows:

_ "The word "moshiach" does not mean "savior". The notion of an innocent, divine or semi-divine being who will sacrifice himself to save us from the consequences of our own sins is a purely Christian concept that has no basis in Jewish thought."

_ "Belief in the eventual coming of the moshiach is a basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism."

_ "In the Shemoneh Esrei prayer, recited three times daily, we pray for all of

the elements of the coming of the moshiach : ingathering of the exiles..."

_ "The moshiach will be a human being, not a god, demi-god or other

supernatural being."

_ "The moshiach will be a great political leader."

_ "The moshiach will be a great military leader, who will win battles for


_ "The moshiach will bring about the political and spiritual redemption of the Jewish people by bringing us back to Israel and restoring Jerusalem. HE WILL ESTABLISH A GOVERNMENT IN ISRAEL THAT WILL BE THE


Some researchers assert that those beliefs and understandings play a key role in shaping the course of our world today (...WWI, WWII, 9-11, iraq, Lebanon, Iran, "War On Terror"...etc).

Another group seldom talked about are the Christian-Zionists. They selfishly believe that the sooner the planet is turned to a global stage of chaos and death (WWIII), the sooner "Jesus will come back and take them away to heaven" (i.e. : The Rapture). The Christian-Zionists and Churches are fully lending their moral and material support to Moshiach's minions.

Educating The Amalekites...One Goy at a Time.

Note : If the Jewish People believe in the coming of a messiah and are waiting

for him, it is their right. BUT, if the researchers who have studied the subject are right, the world of the gentiles is being turned up side down for the only reason to set the world stage for the appearance of Moshiach.

Why should the gentiles be dragged into wars, poverty, misery, financial crisis, stress, terrorism, grief, pain, hunger, death, hate, police surveillance

societies...etc, so that the Jewish Messianic age can come to fruition, where a jewish messiah will rule the world and rule over the gentiles from Jerusalem ?

The most striking parts of that document being the quotes from

"Belief in the eventual coming of the moshiach is a basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism."

_ "In the Shemoneh Esrei prayer, recited three times daily, we pray for all of

the elements of the coming of the moshiach.




A “basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism.”?

To be malevolent towards all other nations?

"In the Shemoneh Esrei prayer, recited three times daily, we pray for all of

the elements of the coming of the moshiach.”

It would appear that all those that recite this prayer are praying for malevolence to all gentiles and the establishment of Jewish World rule.

It would appear to me that to be a “benevolent Jew”, one would have to renounce the tenets of traditional Judaism.

I had hoped to start the discussion, where those Jews who belonged to the forum whom HHQ did not want upsetting would be able to contribute freely, so that this issue could be discussed, however, as you have seen that discussion was quashed by HHQ.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Fighting super-criminals- Exposing their crimes


So what did all the agents of deception that have been outed here have in common?

Well firstly they all supported Wood's UNPROVEN DEW hypothesis.
What would be the point in that?
Maybe to cover up the destruction of building by other methods?
Given the incredible things associated with those destructions it seems that the cover-up would be to disguise the fact that NUCLEAR WEAPONS WERE IN FACT USED IN NEW YORK.

Something else was the discussion of apparent black-ops vehicles.
These are pointed to in videos that we know are not untouched originals.
The vehicles are alleged to prove the involvement of the American Black military.
If that was a lie, what would be it's purpose?
Well, it covers-up the possibility of the september 11 attacks being perpetrated by an outside force.

Oh, but we must remember that Grable was happy to consider 911 to be an attack from Russia using beam weapons.
Well why not consider that it could have been an attack from an outside force using NUCLEAR WEAPONS?

The idea of black-ops vehicles firing a missile also cover-up the possibility of a roof-launched missile having being used.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Professor Steven Jones fails to respond

Dear Steve,

Almost a week has passed now since I formally requested you to appraise "crash physics for everyone":

The article addresses the most fundamental physics principles necessary to examine the possibility of an aluminium-bodied aircraft flying straight into a steel-framed building and not leaving any evidence of its passage on the outside.

Steve, you are seen as the head of the truth movement.
This request I made to you has been put in public forums, in particular on YouTube.
"Crash physics for everyone" is well-known and there are a great number of people who were awaiting your reply with baited breath.
Your failure to reply is damning, and I have made sure to point out that the reason for your silence is because YOU CAN MAKE NO NEGATIVE RESPONSE TO IT.

This is especially unfortunate for Mark Bilk, who made a vicious attack on the genuine researchers for the truth of what happened on S11 during which he put his foot in his mouth a number of times.
I have made a response to his offensive diatribe and pointed out errors in his arguments, and false assertions that he was making:
He is also insisting on talking about planes hitting the towers, and as I told him, "Crash physics for everyone" has been up in front of all of the academics in this movement for some time and has not been refuted, therefore the assertions it contains are UNDISPUTED SCIENTIFIC REASONING.
So he really could have done with you being able to put me down hard.
But as I told him, you can't.

This would also be a good time to ask you why you introduced the DEROGATORY term "space beam" to describe the directed energy beam weapons that have been suggested as a possible cause for the complete failure of the central cores in both towers, and for the complete disintegration of all the concrete within the towers to nanodust.
This term is one word away from "space aliens" and limits the scope of the hypothesis to an orbital platform.
This does not to me seem like the conduct I would expect from a high-level academic engaged in a genuine quest for truthful answers.

People thought it odd that you hadn't responded to my request within ONE DAY!
And that was over the thanksgiving holiday period!

I hope that this state of affairs will allow many of those who have been misguided by you and your co-workers to see that you are actually trying to prevent a discussion of the evidence that can expose the truths of what happened that day in the most concrete manner.
You are not a champion for the truth!
You hide under a rock when somebody calls you out to fight!

Awaiting your reply,

Damien Duffy.

AKA YouTube Coffinman


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Why no planes could have struck the towers

There were no crash physics evident at any of the three sites where planes are supposed to have struck AND PENETRATED buildings.
For the plane for instance to have penetrated the tower, you must assume that it remained intact going through the outer wall.
It is obvious to everyone that whatever, the planes did not smash to pieces and fall into the street.
I will deal with this first.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction".
That means that the force received by both objects in a collision will be equal.
Now what determines how much force goes into the objects? Well, if one of the objects penetrates the other, the force needed to break through the penetrated object will be the amount of force received by EACH object.
If you add up the total sum of the forces required to "punch" through all of the beams we are told that the plane went through, then you would have to say that the plane sustained that amount of force and did not break up.
I contend that the plane would break up with much less force than what it would take to penetrate all those outer wall beams.
Any remaining kinetic energy would be retained in any parts that had penetrated the wall and parts that had fragmented, the fragments undergoing a deflective process with their remaining energy.
Some of the energy would convert to sound, heat and light.
The heat would ignite any fuel spilled from the wings, a large amount of which would be vaporised instantly with the impact.
Then there is

If the plane were made of tungsten or something, and it remained intact, then upon the nose penetrating the first beams, whatever force that took would be transmitted from the beams to the nose of the plane also, causing deceleration and deflection.
The heavier part of the aircraft (the engines) has more momentum though, and due to the deflection of the nose, the plane would tumble, in the same way a rifle bullet tumbles through Kevlar.

The tumble would occur in the direction of lift from the wings and tail plane.
The deceleration of the wing surfaces would not cause an instant loss of lift because the lift is due to low air pressure above the top surface of the wing, there would be enough lift left during an impact to determine the direction of tumble.
And the 2nd plane was depicted as banking to the left when it hit the tower, so it would have been rising to the left when it struck, giving us another, separate reason for the plane to tumble.
With the diagonal rise of the nose being suddenly stopped upon penetrating the building, the rear of the plane should have continued diagonally upwards, causing it to tumble roof-on into the building, probably right-wing first due to the extra lift on that side due to the bank of the aircraft, the wing on the outside moving faster.
And as the bank of the plane means it should have been moving up and to the left then the fuel should have continued in that direction when the tanks ruptured, rather than go straight through any hole made by the impact.

Then there are the glaring anomalies.
People trying desperately to prove planes always show a picture of a wrecked CFM56 engine in a NY street, an engine that could never have been fitted to a 767.
And photographs of aircraft wheels, where the tires have the wrong number of tread grooves to be from a 767.
Yes, it's a good question, WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?
And the engine at the Pentagon was a JT8D which is also wrong for the aircraft we were told hit the building.
I think it likely that these engines were used in ordnance that was custom-made for the job.
Then there is the cherry on the top of the planehugger sundae-
A photo of a truck that has had "AIRCRAFT PARTS" spray-painted on the back.
In fact, if they WERE collecting aircraft parts in that truck, why would they go and spray that on it?
Do you think they might have lost it otherwise?
None of the plane videos show a CRASH.
There were no planes that hit the towers.
There were planes flying there that people saw, but none that hit the towers.
And what about the fake eyewitness videos, mostly with the same pathetic voice actress who can't even change her act from one take to the next.
Who made those?
And why?
Check 3 of them out here:

This is obviously an organised effort to provide proof that there were people who saw a plane hit the tower.

And then there is the matter of the videos of the planes.
None of the videos show a crash, the plane just enters the building in a totally impossible way.
Not one of the videos has a correct image of a 767.
The one touted as the best, and often used to “prove” that remote-control gear was fitted to the plane is a composite, using a tail plane that is both at the wrong angle and the wrong orientation compared to the rest of the plane:

It is analysed here:

And different videos show the planes in different positions at the same time. They disagree.
Even the images of the planes don't look right.

Stills from a video of the 2nd hit show an aircraft that looks "set into the building"- there is no damage to the building in between the left engine and the fuselage, where the wing can no longer be seen (It is supposed to have already entered the building) and there is no damage to the windows that are right next to the parts of the aircraft that has already penetrated the wall.
This is impossible.
Also the left tail plane is missing in this shot:

Another still shows the left wing is missing from the image:

Yet another still shows the right wing to have passed into the building yet the wall where it has gone through is still undamaged:

The poor quality of the video can not account for the missing wing; the face of the building is visible where the wing should be.
And none of the videos show a CRASH as discussed above.

Look at this still from another video:

It doesn't even look like anything.

A few frames later, after the insertion is no longer there we get to see the hole starting to be made.
There is a large event in the center and three separate events around it.
These events lead to the creation of the cartoon-style plane-shaped cut-out that no real plane could have made.

In fact a real plane couldn't get through these holes even in bits because of the obstructions that remained in place:

Here is a clip of the 2nd hit that is particularly popular, it must have had the pause button used on it MILLIONS of times:

You can watch a whole bunch of them in Slow motion here:

When I see PHYSICS PROFESSORS and SEASONED, HIGH PROFILE RESEARCHERS ignore these most basic evidential facts I seriously doubt their intentions.
Do you not think our truth movement would include WELL-PLACED psy-op agents?

They can make a plane invisible but they can't place a stooge?
It should be obvious that the containment of the demand for truthful answers was and had to be an essential part of the plan.
Better to have somebody in place beforehand, so that the people willing to struggle against the evil can be rendered ineffective.
Who could that have been?